Yī lù shùn fēng, Kuang Kuang

Courtesy of all my international readers (one, hi Stella!) I will write today's post in English, because let's face it, I usually write them halfway in English anyway. I've had a lovely visit from Stella the last couple of days, hanging out for the last time in a while as she is going back to Shanghai next week! We've been having fika, gone shopping, watched Suits, been to a museum, talked and talked about lots of fun and interesting things, and had dinner in a lovely restaurant that seemed to cater mainly to romantic couples, lol. It was so great to have some final quality time, and I hope to see you again soon Stella, whether in Sweden, Shanghai or somewhere in between! (By the way, if the headline says anything weird, I totally blame google translations.)

Postat av: Anonym

Vilken fin bild! Puss

2012-09-23 @ 10:53:32

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